Blockchain Learning Resources

2021, Sep 08

Blockchain may be a term that many have heard of recently as its technology branches out into the main stream. The most common misconception is that blockchain is just about cryptocurrencies. Although cryptocurrencies are built on the blockchain, there is so much more to web3 and the blockchain technologies behind the model. The term web3 summarized the birth or shift of the Internet into decentralized and highly secure peer to peer networks. Economies at scale are possible with many advantages over the traditional web2 model. Economies do not only mean financial economies, but rather economies that enable decentralized communities. The following list of resources may be helpful in learning more about the decentralized Internet.

Interesting Web3 Projects:

  • ENS - ENS is the Ethereum Name Service. It is a Public Goods utility on the blockchain for that's a "distributed, open, and extensible naming system" for web3.

  • Gitcoin - Gitcoin is an organization that helps to fund grants and build digital public infrastructure using OpenSource and web3 communities.

  • Immutable X | The first Layer 2 for NFTs on Ethereum - Also known as IMX, a carbon neutral Layer2 blockchain for NFTs.

  • IPFS - IPFS is a decentralized storage solution. Most NFTs are stored here.

  • Sourcecred - A tool that helps decentrally run organizations to incentivize communities being built around contribution and collaboration using token based reward systems.

  • Token Engineering Commons - An organization working to promote communal ownership and collective management of organizations in the web3 space.

Also Noteworthy: